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Along with our more than 40 programs on historical portrayal, historical commemoration, and civics, we also have many choices for holiday celebrations.  Halloween,  Christmas, and even St. Patrick’s Day,  these programs help celebrate and educate!

Great For Halloween Themed Events

Haunted History

Ages 8 to Adult

Sit back and listen, if you dare, to the entertaining and chilling tales of the historical hauntings of the Midwest. Stories of the S.S. Eastland, Brookfield Zoo, Fort Dearborn Massacre, and John Dillinger (to name just a few) help to guarantee spooky goosebumps while learning a bit of history at the same time!

Monster Mayhem of the Midwest

Ages 8 to Adult

Lock all the doors! There are monsters in Illinois! Believe it or not, ghoulish stories such as the Murphysboro Mud Monster, Headless Horseman of Illinois, Nellie the Lion, Bigfoot in Illinois, The Mad Gasser of Mattoon, and more will chill your bones better than watching Creature Feature on a Friday night!

Legendary Halloween Tales of Washington Irving

Adult Audiences

American author Washington Irving included many ghostly tales in his Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon. In this program, audiences will learn a bit about Irving’s life, and experience a few of the eerie tales of Irving including: “The Devil and Tom Walker”,
“Rip Van Winkle”, and “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”.

Edgar Allan Poe: To Tell a Tale

Ages 12 and Up

Literary chills abound in this spine-tingling program. Edgar Allan Poe will give a brief biographical sketch of his life. The main focus of this program is the retelling of some of Poe’s greatest works. Highlights include “The Raven” and “The Tell Tale Heart”.

Hysteria in Salem

Ages 12 and Up

Join the chief Magistrate of the Salem Witch Trials John Hathorne as he recounts the
hysteria, paranoia, and resulting trials that took place during the mid 17th century in Salem, Massachusetts.

Winter Folktales From Around the World

Ages 12 and Up

Hear frosty winter stories from Russia, Germany, Denmark, and more! These cultural tales, passed mainly by word of mouth, helped to carry on the traditions of the common people.

Perfect for Christmas Events

Charles Dickens: A Tale with a Twist

Ages 12 and Up

A staple of any reading list, Charles Dickens’ writing has become a part of our everyday language. Just ask anyone who has ever been called a “Scrooge”! In this program, Dickens reflects on his life and discusses some of his best-loved works. How did the culture of his time influence his writings? Works discussed may include, but are not limited to: A Tale of Two Cities, Great Expectations, A Christmas Carol, The Cricket on the Hearth, as well as some of Dickens' short stories and non-fiction works.

Holiday Stories with Hans Christian Andersen

Adult Audiences

Join Hans Christian Andersen as he brings his delightful Christmas stories to life with the help of his audience. Stories include:The Steadfast Tin Soldier, The Little Match Girl, The Fir Tree, and The Snow Queen.

The Legend of St. Nicholas

All Ages

You’d better watch out!! The Old English Father Christmas tells the stories of
St. Nicholas, the protector of children throughout the ages. Learn about the origins of:

*St. Nicholas characters in various countries
*Popular Christmas symbols
*Worldwide Christmas traditions

This special show for November & December may be customized for kids from ages 1-92, so no important secrets are ever revealed! Companion book also available for $10.00

Nicholas Comes to America, the Story of Santa Claus

Nicholas Comes to America, The Story of Santa Claus traces the life of Nicholas, Bishop of Myra. Follow his journey from the small town of Patera, to Myra and his becoming the boy bishop.

Discover the origins of some of the world’s most beloved Christmas stories and symbols, and the various incarnations Nicholas takes as he journeys throughout the world spreading the message of love and acceptance to young and old.

Nicholas Comes to America, The Story of Santa Claus, will help you find a new understanding of the Christmas season, and realize that to celebrate the birth of Christ is to truly live his life.

The perfect supplement to the program of the same name, or as a stand-alone gift.  This  80-page book has been updated with new stories and illustrations.  It includes a five-year Christmas journal, Christmas recipes, and room for your own beloved holiday recipes.  Makes a great stocking stuffer. Suitable for all ages!


Celebrate St. Patrick's Day!

Irish Legends of the Wee Folk

Ages 12 and Up

Son of Erin, Terry Lynch shares folktales from the Emerald Isle that bring to life the traditions of fairies, banshees, and leprechauns.

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